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Flounder Plush Toy Pattern Template – With Instructions

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The flounder is a versatile flatfish. Grab the pattern and sew the flounder as a plush toy, a heating pad, or a cuddly blanket for babies. With the lovable flounder, you'll always have the perfect handmade gift on hand. ♥

Did you know that young flounders in their larval stage still have an eye on each side of their body? As they grow, their eyes move until both are on the top side of their body!

This adaptation allows flatfish to see much better who is swimming above them in the sea. Pretty clever, right? And if you think that’s all there is to flounders, you haven’t discovered the 3-in-1 flounder pattern yet! 🐟

The flounder can be sewn not only as a cuddly toy but also makes a practical heat pad and a wonderful cuddle cloth for babies!With the flounder pattern, you’ll always have the perfect handmade gift on hand – whether it’s for babies, children, or your best friend!

The interactive sewing tutorial explains step-by-step with many photos how to easily sew your version of the flounder. Depending on which version you want to sew, you can skip certain steps in the tutorial and design your own personal flounder.

Don’t have much sewing time and looking for a nice sewing project for "in-between"? Something that sews up quickly and offers plenty of room for creativity?Then the flounder pattern is perfect for you!You can sew the flounder in a minimalist style and let the texture of natural fabrics shine. Or you can embellish the flounder with the typical spots that immediately catch the eye!

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